YouDoo Doggy Dolls

The YouDoo Doggy doll is an interesting concept that is a derivative of the YouDoo Doll that appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den.


The concept is simple. You get a blank canvas doggy doll that you can customise yourself. Not a bad idea, and one that will keep the kids busy for a few hours.

The Youdoo Doggy comes with an iron-on sheet, collar and T-shirt. You can print off an image of your own dog or find a particularly cute pooch picture that can be printed onto the iron-on sheet and attach it to YouDoo Dog’s head. The YouDoo Dog is entirely customisable with pens and paints.

Interestingly, the YouDoo Dog is likely to be the first in a YouDoo Pets series with cats mentioned as the next possible YouDoo.

(Via Prezzybox)

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